Davis Viticultural Research
Davis Viticultural Research - Mission

DVR is devoted exclusively to breeding and selling new, patented grape
varieties and to assist in creating a market for this new family of vines. It
is a privately owned corporation and is not directly affiliated with any
educational or governmental institution.

All DVR vines were bred and developed in Davis, California or nearby
Winters, California. As of  2019 there were DVR certified growers in
29 states from coast to coast and from the Canadian border to the
Gulf of Mexico.

All DVR vines share one parent in common:
Norton, (a.k.a. Cynthiana,
a.k.a. Virginia Seedling). DVR's research and breeding program has
yielded several dozen outstanding new vines which in reality constitute
an entirely new family of fine wine grapes.

All DVR vines are Norton crossed with a pure Vitis Vinifera parent. DVR
has developed crosses from:
Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, as well as
other outstanding Vinifera from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and the
Middle East.

All DVR vines are crosses of Norton and Vitis Vinifera. Norton itself is a
cross of
Vitis Cinerea and Vitis Vinifera, thus all DVR vines have a gross
Vinifera percentage of 75%.

DVR vines are not
French Hybrids, nor related in any way to French
Hybrids, nor share any of the flavor profiles of French Hybrids.